Broken Mirrors

Thirty One Mirrors

In an act of faith, I’ve experienced an identity shift. It begins by shattering thirty-one mirrors, along with social constraints and societal norms. The remnants of these shattered glasses will be redeemed and assembled into abstract 3D wall-mounted works where I will focus on layering and raising dimensions in what I plan to be a more complex and powerful result than its original looking glass.

Thirty One Mirrors was inspired by a set of my personal experiences, concluding that God supersedes luck. In this multilayered exploration, I question if luck ever existed, or if we are all merely exploring a continual relationship between good and evil, destruction and resurrection, God and the abyss.

Broaching subjects related to God, I hope to help us explore and even scrutinize a look into our own relationship with our faith and give the viewer pause, knowing this one decision affects our entire looking glass. My medium allows the viewer to look deeper in a literal sense.

Taking a page from my original works in piecing together natural objects of all shapes and sizes, I head in pursuit of a challenge from previous work, now creating from the unknown in piecing together remnants of an instantaneous new set of shapes.

All of my materials are recycled, with my use reflecting my interest in reuse. The story with which my medium came to me in a matter of days, some call luck. I call it a blessing. Likewise to some, I may be taking on seven years of bad luck for every broken mirror. I find the process exhilarating and am impassioned by the power that comes from standing in belief and expressing the beauty that comes from brokenness. I am looking forward to sharing this evocative spiritual chapter in my work.

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